Powerhouse Church | About Us
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Powerhouse Church

Our first service was held May 4, 2008, and was everything we could have hoped for it to be; uplifting and encouraging with 14 in attendance! The past years have been electrified with growth and we’ve met so many wonderful people who have decided to make PowerHouse their place of connection to Jesus Christ!

We desire to help those who are seeking spiritual healing and restoration find a path that will lead them to a deeper relationship with Christ and become the best possible version of themselves! God has so richly blessed this church since it’s inception, and we know it’s only the beginning. We are growing at a steady pace which has allowed us to reach more people and have a larger impact on our community. We welcome you and your family with open arms.

Please visit and become a cherished part of the PowerHouse family!

Mission Statement

Helping people become passionate and devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan & TracieĀ Feld

Pastor Jonathan Feld and his wife, Tracie, came to South Carolina in 2005.

They attended Christian Life Center of Myrtle Beach, Pastored by S.K. Davis, where they became a part of the ministry team. Jonathan and Tracie came to North Myrtle Beach under the direction and support of Christian Life Center.


Pastor Jon has worked in ministry for over 23 years. Growing up in South Florida, he assisted his father in a home missions setting. During this time he worked in various levels of ministry, including music, youth and pastoring. Jonathan has a heartbeat for the youth of our community and God has given him favor and a great connection with people of all ages.


Tracie grew up in Durham, North Carolina, and was trained in ministry leadership from her youth. She attended Jackson College of Ministries and Indiana Bible College, where she was educated in music (choir directing, piano, vocals, kids music, interpretive signing, etc.), outreach (tent revivals, street reach, home mission work, etc.) and various levels of church administration.

Together, Jonathan, Tracie and their three beautiful daughters endeavor to reach North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Calabash and the surrounding areas with a message of hope that will connect people of all races, creeds and religions to the only source of genuine power, Jesus Christ.